Certifiable avionics hardware

Rugged and flight proven
  • DO-160, DO-254 DAL B compliant hardware

  • ITAR free

  • suitable for aircraft with MTOW between 4kg and 4000kg

Hardware Building Blocks
Architecture Patterns

Certifiable embedded software

We provide domain-specific language based configuration of the behaviour and logic of the system
  • DO-178 DAL B compliant framework

  • User-defined code within a separated DAL E Linux environment

  • Fully configurable for specific applications

  • SIL and HIL testing environment

Learn available system-level software design patterns

Explore design patterns


Almost every flying vehicle has its specifics. We created DSL to describe specifics in a 10x more efficient way. You can specify control laws, create guidance finite state machine, define trajectories patterns and add additional navigational measurements to state estimation vector without Catalyst’s support.

Online system integration and programming tool

Aviation grade processes and engineering workflow automation in your browser, wherever you go

Facts and numbers

  • 18
    Vehicles integrated
  • >10000h
    Hardware MTBF tracked record
  • >600
    Hardware units sold


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